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“Thank you so much – I received my halloween lanterns today.” Harriet 28th October


“Very pleased with item & speed of delivery.” Mrs Donnelly 7th October


“Delighted with service, bought as a birthday present and delighted with quick delivery time.
Heard of product from daughter who was recommending as gift for her boyfriend.I believe he had mentioned the product.” Shelia 5th October


“Thank you very much for sorting those out!” Rhonda 24th September


“Yes everything went fine and the lanterns were great.” Manu 4th September


“Thank you for your efficient service, we can’t wait to use the lanterns at our wedding on 11 Sep on the Northumberland coast. We’ve already informed the coastguard so fingers crossed for a gentle offshore breeze!” Marie, 25th August 2010


“Unfortunately i was unable to use the wish lanterns that i purchased as this british weather was dissappointingly wet! luckily i got married abroad and they were for the after party. Despite the weather we are keeping the lanterns to set off on occassions throughout the year. I have to say that they are amazing and much better than i expected,they are huge! We set one off during in small break in the rain and it was beautiful, we watched it drift off for miles. It was easy to light and it lifted by itself. I can only imagine how amazing they would have looked had we managed to set off all 50. Would recommend your site to all my friends,delivery and service were excellent. Thanks so much,” Mrs J Whitcombe, 24th August 2010


“Good morning – Thanks for the follow up; yes, they arrived safe and sound and the included lovehearts were a pleasant surprise! They went down (so to speak) a storm; used as a surprise for my parents ruby wedding anniversary they actually managed to make Mum speechless and Dad agog – no mean feat given it usually takes one to do that to the other, normally! Thank you very much”Victoria, 23rd August 2010


“Yes all went all thank you. I heard of the aerator by word of mouth. Delighted to leave feedback. Thanks” Mike, 7th August 2010


“Hi there, Your product is magical and your service is impeccable. Well done! It’s refreshing to see… Have a great summer” Linda, 30th July 2010


“Sirs, Goods rec’d today in excellent order and on time. Excellent service without any hiccups. Many thanks and obliged” Katie, 28th July 2010


“That’s great thank you, Kind Regards” Katie, 19th July 2010


“As before – straight on time! Great for a joint wedding/90th birthday do! Thanks again ” K K, 16th July 2010


“Brilliant thank you, I may be placing another order very soon!!! Thank you” Sarah Kerrigan, 15th July 2010


“Yes, thank you very pleased with your service – parcel arrived on Monday and I can’t wait to use the lanterns in August for a birthday party. I hope to get a photograph for you! A friend had recommended your service to me.” B Wright, 7th July 2010


“Thank you for your kind enquiry as to the delivery of the wish lanterns.
I am happy to tell you that yes, we have received delivery and we are looking forward to releasing them at my son’s wedding this Saturday. If we manage to take some good photos I will happily forward them on to you via email. Please keep your fingers crossed for nice weather on Saturday for us all. Thank you.
sincerely” Joan Hunt, 7th July 2010


“Thank you so much for your very prompt service!! all seems to be ok, our wedding isn’t for another two weeks yet, so we’l let you know how they all went….hopefuly up!!!!” Linda Munnery, 1st July 2010


“Hi, I was extremely happy with your service, of ringing you after 5.30pm in the evening and receiving my wish lanterns two days later at my work address. They are going on a road trip to France next week as a birthday present. Photos will follow!” Karen Lea, 25th June 2010


“I was expecting to wait a few days for my delivery, but my lanterns arrived in record time – thank you.”Kay Denton, 24th June 2010


“Hi Palo, thank you yes they have arrived safe and sound and look forward to them on the evening of the 5th july…best wishes” Loukas 17th June 2010


“A friend of mine ordered some Wish Lanterns a few weeks ago and we let them go at a bon-fire and i was so amazed by them. I knew it would be the perfect ending of the night for me and my boyfriends one year anniversary. We plan to each write a wish on them and let them go. I just finished ordering the wish lanterns and I am so excited to recieve them. :) Thank you so much!” Iris 15th June 2010


“Everything worked out great. Got here in time. They all lit up well and sailed up over Brighton beach with applause. Cheers.” Jim R Morrison 8th June 2010


“Thanks so much for sending that on, you’re a diamond! Thanku” Beth 8th June 2010


“Thank you I did receive my recent order. The lanterns added a special touch to my house leaving party. I will definitely purchase more lanterns in the future as they can be used for a number of occasions.” Mrs K J G Porter 31st May 2010


“Many thanks for superb service and efficient delivery. Just looking forward now to using them at our daughter’s wedding!” L. Phillips 25th May 2010


“Yes thanks, the lanterns have arrived safely.” Gail Augarde 13th May 2010


“Everything is great, many thanks x” Miss F Leyland 13th May 2010


“Yes I did receive the laterns. Thank you for your email.” Regina 12th May 2010


“Thanks for your email……..we have received the Lanterns and will let you know how they go!! As we are Professional Photographers we will certainly be taking photos, so will forward some on to you, as and when!!!” Nikole 2nd May 2010


“Last year we attended a wedding and had the delightful experience of being able to light a wish lantern and watch it ascend up into the night sky along with all the other guests. I had never heard of these before and was entranced with the whole atmosphere. I managed to collect the wrapper from a lantern with all your details on it. My son and his fiancee are getting married this coming August and I felt I had to offer them the same wonderful experience. I found your website and thought I ought to order the lanterns now as I had no idea how long they would take to arrive. I was absolutely delighted when the doorbell rang the next morning and my delivery of 50 wish lanterns had arrived! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when each couple are presented with a wish lantern to light up the sky in August.” Jan 30th April 2010


“Very impressed thanks – delivery was very quick and we set one off the other night – it almost hit the house next door but then flew off for miles and was excellent” Simon Price 30th April 2010


“Thanks for your email. Yes , I have received the lanterns but y event is tomorrow so still didnt try them yet. One I have try them then I will let you know.” P. Sullivan 23rd Aprl 2010


“Thank you for your reply. In fact they receive it yesterday, its ok it’s not a problem. Thank you for your help.” Roula 23rd April 2010


“Thank you. My lanterns arrived safely.” Lesley Scoular 22nd April 2010


“We’re taking them to our wedding In August.” Christian 15th April 2010


“Thank you for your email – the lanterns arrived incredibly promptly, the very next day after ordering. Thank you very much!” Caroline 15th April 2010


“They were lovely we all loved them brought a tear to the eye. The only problem I have is that I can’t order them for my wedding, the grounds won’t allow them! I’m totally gutted as they would of been perfect! Nevermind, if I ever need to order again then I know where to come …..” Sarah 10th April 2010


“Many thanks they will be off to Mexico with us next week.” Mrs M E Hunt 7th April 2010


“They were fab, I still have one left.” Sarah Williams 7th April 2010


“They arrived on time and in good condition. Good value and will be using them on holiday this year.”Simon Knight 7th April 2010


“FANTASTIC service. Lanterns arrived yesterday….Many thanks.” Dave Power, 25th March 2010


“I received my wish lanterns many thanks for a great and speedy service I will recommend your site to many others” Klaus Galeitzke, 20th March 2010


“I had one as a gift and liked it so I bought one as a gift for someone else and they are pleased too!!!”Chuck Taylor, 19th march 2010


“Thank you for such prompt delivery! They arrived this morning.” Kaja Glinski, 19th March 2010


“We received these products in good time and they went down a storm for my mum’s b/day.” Paul Rowe, 16th March 2010


“Sorry, must have missed this e-mail. No problem with the wish lanterns, just the weather! We were supposed to have used them at a Christmas Party but the snow meant that I had to reschedule for the end of February. Then it was so windy that it became unsafe to use them after nearly setting light to someone’s trousers and a tree! However it was great fun trying and still have loads left for another occasion. I found wish lantern via a search engine.” Joy Larkin, 14th March 2010


“Your wish lanterns were wonderful, and I think I aready complimented your extremely speedy delivery and processing. Very impressive. Don’t need any more yet though!” Sally, 11th March 2010


“Sorry it has taken so long, if I don’t do it straight away it never gets done!! lovingly packed wish lanterns at competitive price were what won our christmas presents for 2009. We will order again!!”Teresa, 7th March 2010


“We haven’t used the wish lanterns yet as our wedding isn’t until 29th May 2010. I am sure they will be great and will let you know what we think after the event. Many thanks for following things up.” Belinda Williams, 7th March 2010


“Just as well you sent this note Jonny as I had intended to leave feedback as your service was so good but got sidetracked.” Annie Stevens, 5th March 2010


“Thank you. Yes, we received them VERY promptly and they are perfect. We will not be using them until August although we couldn’t resist one “practice”!!!! They are captivating aren’t they? Our 4yr old daughter loved it. If we get some good shots on the night I will email them to you. Thank you for the great service.” Rachel Baxter, 5th March 2010


“I am pleased to confirm the arrival of the Chinese Lanterns , apparently in good order. They will be enjoyed this w/e.” Colin Rees, 5th March 2010


“Will do,del was great sat, morning using them tom night, so will wright revue if all goes well.” Ben Gallagher, 4th March 2010


“Excellent service! I ordered it one afternoon and received it the next morning.” Andrew Howell, 4th March 2010


“I bought the lanterns as Christmas presents for friends and relatives. They loved them and I was very pleased with them. At the moment I am not interested in buying any more of them, but if I will in the future I will certainly contact you immediately!” Elisa Cappuzzo, 3rd March 2010


“Thank you very much for the lanterns. You kept me informed as regards to the problems getting the colours etc and was very pleased with the customer service. We tested one the first dry night we had and were mesmerized. I have bought them for my mother’s birthday in March.” Chris Collen, 2nd March 2010


“Your wish lanterns were the most fantastic central part to my daughter’s naming ceremony, each mentor lit a lantern after reading a short poem – it was truly magical.” Jessica Taplin, 1st March 2010


“They were fine but would be an occasional not a regular purchase.” Susan Prowse, 1st March 2010


“Thank you so much for our wishlanterns – we LOVED them and they really made our New year magical with every couple making a New Year wish. Everyone was so impressed, even some worried skeptics, and I’m so glad I went with your company as I really felt I was in ‘safe hands’ and being sold something reliable and safe. Thank you! We will definitely be ordering more for another special occasion!” Mar Kerr, 1st March 2010


“The lanterns were great and I will definitely order more sometime soon.” Ann Milne, 1st March 2010


“Bonjour! We received this thursday morning the package! Thank you! Best regards from Paris” Jean Marie Leriche, 25th February 2010


“Thank you very much indeed for your rapid delivery of the Wish Lanterns, beautifully packaged too :) First time I saw one was about 6 months ago & I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was such a magical sight & I hadn’t the faintest idea what it was I’d seen until recently.” Susan Hamilton, 24th February 2010


“Many thanks for the wish lanterns that arrived safely. I got them to keep as presents for friends during the year as the ones my brother brought for Christmas were so wonderful!” Catherine Henderson, 23rd February 2010


“Hi thank you for your e mail, I was delighted with the speed of delivery and the lanterns. Thank you.”Jane Chaney, 18th February 2010


“Excellent service – as ever!” Rowena Rowlands, 18th February 2010


“We thought they were brilliant thanks – used them as part of my sons 18th birthday celebrations. I am sure we will order from you again.” strong>Julie Bodimeade, 18th February 2010


“Hello. Was happy with order of Wish Lanterns. They were ordered for a special occasion, and provided an unusual entertainment while the celebrations commenced. They were delivered quickly, and arrived in good condition.” Mrs Janis Silver, 8th February 2010


“HI, all great with the order ,including the 2 refresher sweeties some one kindly included , my son loves them lol. found out about them from a friend in cornwall who sends one up every new year. So we are going to do the same ,but for each family birthday this year and write our wishes on it.”Mrs Godwin 2nd February


“delivery was great,lanterns arrived within 3 days of being ordered.”Monica 1st February


“Thanks so much! I can’t wait to put your lanterns to use at my wedding on a Greek island in Sept! :)
You’ve been such a help. Forward this email to your boss and tell him/her to give you a big fat raise bc you are a star!”Andrea 1st February


“sorry yes received them magic! couldnt use them at hogmany though too windy but they will keep thanks again.”Arlene 1st February


“We bought the lanterns for a wedding in June so can’t yet vouch for the quality. However we were pleased to receive them so promptly. Many thanks.”Angela 28th January


“Just want to say that the lanterns arrived the very next day – fantastic service! Thanks. Haven’t let off any lanterns yet because of snow and living too close to the airport! Waiting for a special day on our hols.”Alison 28th January


“Hi – they arrived ok – I am saving they for a relevant occasion and so have not opened the box – thanks for the speedy service”Marc 28th January


“They were a real success, perfect for the sad reason we used them for.”Aine 28th January


“Everything was fine with the order it came in plenty of time. Infact i will propably be ordering some more for the chinese new year, i found out about sky lanterns via a google search. thankyou.”Dorinda 27th January


“Thanks so much for sending the lanterns with DHL, they arrived in time and my Gran thought they were a fantastic surprise as part of her 90th birthday. They were a great hit and I have recommended to friends and family! Ironically the original Royal Mail ones arrived whilst I was away and were left with a neighbour, they must have been on a countrywide detour I think! I am happy to send them back. I think if I take them to the post-office and ask them to return to sender as not known at this address, they shouldn’t charge either of us?! I’ll send them Wednesday, thanks again for your efficiency.”Jenny 24th January


“very good. May order more in future”Rob 20th January


“What a speedy service. Delighted and products all in tact and successful for a bit of glamour on our special family day.”Nikki 20th January


“Brilliant service and products thankkkksss!!!!!!!!!!”Olly 20th January


“Yes the wish lanterns are fantastic! Used some on my son’s birthday night as it was a great way to celebrate and he could “make a wish” – he felt he was too old for candles and cake this year!! They worked a treat and I have already recommended them to friends. The promptness of delivery and careful packaging would also lead me to recommend you to others. I first saw wish lanterns advertised in a Christmas brochure that was sent to me, however they were more expensive and only available in one colour!”Sue 19th January


“Thanks for the contact – no plans at the mo. for more wish lanterns – not because they weren’t good – they were fab. – just not any celebrations that deserve them at present! We had a lovely time with them and all the guests thought it made the party extra special. Many thanks for your prompt delivery Will be in touch if need any more, meanwhile hopefully some of my guests have ordered for themselves!”Viv 19th January


“Yes I recieved the lanterns last week and tested one out at the weekend and was very pleased with the result. They are for my wedding in May so will be saving the other 99 for then. Currently don’t require anymore but would consider in the future and also recommend your site to others.”Emily 18th January


“lanterns really great, will be ordering more soon,thanks.”Sep 18th January


“The lanterns were wonderful and my colleague will be ordering some shortly.”Sue 18th January


“I received my Wish Lanterns within just a few days of ordering them from your website. I found your website extremely easy to use, the prices very reasonable and your customer service excellent. I purchased the lanterns for our wedding which is New Years Eve 2010. I am sure the wish lanterns will add something very special to the event and we look forward to seeing them light up the night sky at Gretna Green! I am so pleased with www.wishlantern.co.uk that I would definitely use your company again. In fact expect my order very soon as I have recently invited more guests and won’t have enough lanterns to go around!”Rebecca 16th January


“Yes, they were safely received thank you and I am extremely impressed with your service from order through to delivery. We will be using them at our wedding in May at a Chateau in France and we will try and get some photos for your gallery. Once we have used them, I will be happy to comment on the testimonials page.”Shelley 14th January


“I had left it a bit late to order so was very pleased that they arrived in time. I wanted to send a wish for my husbands’ birthday today. As my friend was going away for a few